Playing and winning online slots

In this article online gamblers will read about playing and winning online slots

Before laying your first bet on a real money slot, you should know what online1casino are. These are slot machines that can be played on your computer, tablet or desktop. Playing slots online is as easy as playing them on land based casinos.

How do online slots work?

There are two kinds of slots- Classic and Video. Classic slots have 3 reels that stand vertically on your game screen. These games have various symbols like bells, whistles, bars, etc. When you land a winning combination of symbols on these reels, you win a certain amount of money.

Classic slots explained

The gameplay of these slots is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is spin the reels. The paytable is also very simple; each symbol has a particular value. Due to its simplicity, many newbies like classic slots. Video slots are slightly more complicated.

Online video slots

Video slots have paylines i.e. lines on which you need to land winning symbols combinations. These games could have 2 to 25 paylines; the more paylines a slot has, greater are the winning possibilities. Players lay bets on these paylines and try to win their games.

Video slots symbols

Most video slots have the top cards of the suite as their low value symbols. The higher value ones generally depict the theme of the particular video slot. For example, a music based slot might have guitars, drums, etc. as the high paying icons.

Landing 2 or more symbols of a type can get you 2x, 3x, etc. of your base bet. Several online video slots have some special symbols like Wilds, Scatters, and Multipliers. These symbols can multiply your winnings in the base game and make you very rich.

Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers

Wilds act as jokers in video slots. These substitute for missing symbols in a winning combination. If your slot has a wild, you can trigger it to help you win some cool money. Check your paytable to find whether you have a Wild. There are several kinds of Wilds.

Scatters and Multipliers

Scatters appear randomly and they can give you free spins and unlock bonus features of your game. Multipliers are symbols that can multiply your base winnings x2, x3 or even x1000. Sometimes your Wild or Scatter can trigger your progressive jackpot ( if your video slot has that jackpot).

Manual versus Auto Mode

You can play slots on manual and auto modes on your machine. In the former mode, choose your bet amount, bet levels, and the click the reels. In the auto mode, you simply select the number of times the reels spin, and then click spin.

How to choose the right slot?

If you are playing for money, choose slots that have special symbols, have bonus rounds and free spins. Slots having high RTP but low to medium volatility are ideal candidates, Before choosing your video slot, you may consider reading online reviews of the game.

What are RTPs?

Return to Player percentage or RTP tells us the attractiveness of the slot. Some slots have RTPs as high as 99%, while other have 95-96% RTP. A game having a higher RTP is more likely to reward the player over a period. RTPs aren't the sole criteria for slot attractiveness.

Online slots and volatility

Some slots pay small amounts of money over a long period. These games have low volatility. Of course, you may lose small sums of money too. In high or moderate volatility slots, players can win or lose big money abruptly. Choose slots that fit your risk appetite.

Acing the slots the right way

It's better to play slots for free before laying real money bets. Choose those games that have multiple RTPs but low to medium volatility. Once you have hit the winning streak, pull back from your game before you start losing money. Set up a budget and stick to it.

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